Why I Could Care Less About Vine

Why I Could Care Less About Vine


Much has been written about Vine, Twitter’s new super-short video and animated gif app with a limit of 6 seconds. As a technology enthusiast and a general consumer of apps, I find it interesting (though I don’t use it with any regularity). As a content marketer, however, there are a few reasons why I’m not dedicating much time to developing a “Vine strategy.” At least not until I’m convinced of its staying power.

Marketing is storytelling

If we agree that effective content marketing is in large part about storytelling and relationships, then the social networks you use should be the ones that  help you convey your marketing story and cultivate customer relationships most effectively. Do you view Vine’s 6 second limit as an artistic challenge ready to be conquered, or as an impediment to effective communication?

Knowing your niche

The industry you work in will help determine whether Vine is a suitable medium for you or not. Is your audience there and engaged? How does Vine fit in with your overall strategy? And more importantly, do you have the resources and content to back up the strategy? Your miles may, of course, vary.

In my case, the industry I work in (fitness) dictates to some degree the social networks we use. While I’m certainly a fan of video marketing in general, the types of video we produce tends to be longer-form, for instance the amount of time it takes to demonstrate an exercise or two. Does this focus on how-to mean we can’t (or don’t, or won’t) produce other types of videos? Of course not. But when you’re practicing in-house content marketing, you have limited time and resources.

Who has the time for hype?

Let me just say that I’m often one of the first people to sign up for every damn new app, service or thingamajig that comes out. Some I still use, like Quora, others I don’t or have disappeared (remember Hipster? Me either.) When it comes to how much time you’re dedicating to a marketing task or a new social network, you have to be a bit more judicious than that. The question then becomes, is this simply a bunch of hype or a legitimate marketing tool?

With all of that said, some people made similar arguments about Twitter, which has become indispensable to most modern marketers. What do you think – is Vine useful for content marketers?

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